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How To Decorate With Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a plant that, as well as providing wonderful healing properties, has become a fabulous choice as a complement to the decor in our home. With eucalyptus we can decorate corners of our house, just a few sprigs and a nice container is needed to achieve a beautiful and fresh decoration that do not remove the role of this plant. The shape of the leaves seems very nice, and its color, without being a strong green is just perfect, because provides that necessary green tone to refresh the environment. And the smell is just so charming and special. In a short phrase, it is a simply lovely plant, and we love to show you its benefit if you include it for your house decoration.

Native to Australia, eucalyptus trees also thrive abundantly on the West Coast ever since travelers brought the variety to the Bay Area in the 1860’s. Its most characteristic use is as an accompaniment to a bouquet of flowers. It garnish, complements and gives a green touch that looks so nice in bouquets.

eucalyptus trees

If you want the eucalyptus to be the undisputed star of the room, just get a big bunch. You will provide freshness and naturalness to any room you choose to decorate it with. They are beautiful with fresh branches, newly purchased in any florist. A trick to make them last longer and retain the green color and the characteristic smell, you just have to spray them twice a week with a little hairspray.

In contrast, if you just want to provide a green touch to the place without using a whole bunch, then choose a few branches. They will give a sober but elegant and classic touch. It is better to dry those branches drizzling with hairspray, a larger amount than in the previous case, and hang them upside down in a dry, dark place. The green color will become more intense and the leaves smoother. When they will be so, they will be ready to decorate.

We highly recommend decorating these areas:

  • The Bathroom

It strengthens the wood element because both need this space. Remember that already the predominant element is water and always is good little wood to find a balance through plants, towels and decorative elements in shades of green.

eucalyptus in bathroom

  • The living room

For the same reason as above and because it can provide you a charming and delicate corner your guests would enjoy.

  • The home office

With three twigs you will have enough. Place it on the left side of your table.

  • The lounge room

Because it is one of the favorite areas for guests, it cheers the view when entering and smells wonderfully.

Despite the areas of your house where you would place them for decoration, there are some tips you need to know to preserve eucalyptus at home:

  1. Decide where you will store eucalyptus while preserving it. Choose a cool, dry location with no direct sunlight that has freely circulating air. It should be somewhere out of your way so the container will not need to be moved.
  2. Use gardening shears to cut eucalyptus branches to the same length. Branches should ideally be 36 inches long to preserve properly.
  3. Remove dead or damaged leaves from the cut eucalyptus branches. Cutting them beforehand will give your finished dried eucalyptus a more uniform appearance.
    Cut the ends of each eucalyptus branch.

eucalyptus Vases

Vases are the most common place where you can expose your eucalyptus, but not always have to be arranged in the same way. If you want to decorate a wall, there are some ideas to do it in a very original and unique way, like a crown with eucalyptus branches. You will create a perfect item to decorate a wall, a lamp, a table centerpiece for any party or event.

Eucalyptus is also a fashion trendy for decorating wedding places. It is used for dessert tables, vases, in the bride’s bouquet, in the altar of the religious ceremony, and attached to the chairs of the wedding party. As you can see, there are lots of occasions in which decorating with eucalyptus is the perfect choice for a memorable time.