Phu Quoc Island Tour Guide For You

Are you unfamiliar with the place? Yet you’re very interested to avail and experience the greatness of the Island? You don’t need to worry buddy because this article will provide a guide to traveling Phu Quoc Island to make you feel safe and comfortable!

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First of all, you should be responsible for doing research about the place you are going to visit. After all, you’re still the one to decide if you are convincing to visit the island or not. Anyway, visiting the island has a proper process and perfect timing.

Let’s begin in how to go to the isle. All of us are already aware that the only way to visit the island is to take a plane or ferry boat. If you have a fear of heights, and you prefer taking the ferry, you don’t need to worry because that island has a large port for international cruise ships. But if you want to take the plane, it’s still a good idea because the island has a big international airport that is open for different countries. Please be inform that during high season, there are directs flights with more destination to be added shortly. You don’t need to worry about what to choose because the island’s airport and port are both reliable and safe. For the visa and immigration, the Phu Quoc Island is known as an exclusive economic zone, and it’s the only place in Vietnam that allows foreign travelers to stay on the island for 30 days visa-free. But it’s not that easy. If you are interested in the exemption, you fly directly from a general direction and arrive indirectly or directly on the Island. And also keep in mind that there’s a policy running throughout the district. Tourists from Phu Quoc Island are not allowed to enter the mainland of Vietnam or any island of the country without any legal papers. The exemption is also available for travelers that take an international cruise ship or any authorized tour groups that will dock at the port of Phu Quoc. If you are planning to visit other parts of Vietnam, you must have a pre-approval letter and visa so you can avoid any trouble that might harm you.

In traveling around the island, some shops offer a rental motorbike or van that you and your family can use to explore the entire district. Visiting the Island without doing it is quite useless.

For a place to stay, the island has many accommodation options. You can choose anywhere you want to stay. There wide range of housing in the Isle such as luxurious resort that offers luxurious and classy rooms, the mid-range resort that offers rooms with a mid-range price, a budget place and a cheap backpacker place which is perfect for people with no enough resources yet wants to relax. In my opinion, I would rather stay at a resort that is near to town. Why? Simple. I want to get all my needs during my vacation easily. What if I need something so crucial? I can rush to the town quickly without any hassle. If we are on the same page, it’s the best for you if you choose to stay in Duong Dong Town. You can visit the famous beaches anyway during the daytime.

And lastly, the weather. Who wants to get their vacation gone wasted?! Of course no one, right? If you want to visit the island during sunny days, the month of December to February is best for you. If you like rainy season, a month of May to October is the right choice to visit. And if you feel to visit the place during the cloudy season, enjoy the island during the month of March to April and the month of November.

Being ready for your vacation is one of the wisest things to do. Doing research is a big help if you are a beginner. I hope this blog helps you a lot!

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