Home Decoration for a Halloween Party

It’s October and we all know that at the end of the month it’ll be Halloween, an Anglo-Saxon celebrations which children and teenagers enjoy most. The darker color used during this festivity include black, orange and purple, as the most common. If you are about to organize a Halloween party, you must know you will probably invest an appreciable amount of money in food, drinks, costumes, music and so on, without even considering the house decoration.

Let’s reduce the bucket list of preparations and we better talk about this very important issue: the layout.
Keep in mind that the idea is to fill your home with pumpkins, witches, spiders, ghost, vampires and all sorts of skeletons to get the spirit of Halloween.

Use pumpkins

pumpkins halloween facePumpkins are so traditional in Halloween that we cannot imagine a party without them. So, pumpkins are the main character in any Halloween party or decorative them regarding it. They may be fake ones or you can make them with easy steps. The important thing is to use them to decorate the house and, if possible, they must have much light through their scaring eyes and smile. They can be placed throughout the house: one in the entrance (or a row of them in both sides of the entrance along the way, if the path is large), another in the living room, even one in the bathroom to give an original touch.

Furthermore, if you put the pumpkins together with other elements or accessories you will get original and fun places. This type of decoration can be used to decorate a corner of the hall, the corner of the room, etc.

Halloween-styled balloons

Balloons are used for decorating any kind of party. You can buy Halloween-styled balloons or opt better for a cheaper alternative. If you liked most the second option, orange and black balloons are bought and then, once they are blown up, you can create drawing and decorations with black, orange or white markers (depending on the color of the balloon ) such as pumpkins, bats, ghosts, spiders, cobwebs shapes, etc.

Decorate the main table to sit

If you organize a dinner as part of the party, it is a need to be sitting at the table; you must pay attention to the decoration of the table. It is needless to overload with too many supplements and decorative accessories because they will be disturbing at the end once the meal would be set. Therefore it is better to opt for something simple but stylish.

Decorate a table for standing

This kind of table is used for the desserts, drinks, snacks and appetizers, which are common in casual parties. In order to give a Halloween stylish to the table, you can use dishes, glasses, cookies, cupcakes, and some decorations at the center of the table. In this case, it is best to be plastic to avoid unwanted problems, especially when there are children around.

decor halloween party

Area for children

Now that we are talking about children, if the party would have children as guests, you can create a small area for them. In that area you could have sweets so that they can enjoy too.

Tablecloths are important in every party

It does not matter if it is about a formal or casual dining, tablecloths can play a very important role because it gives more sense to the celebration. Could you imagine a Halloween party with a tablecloth designed with angelical shapes? No way! And there are many models, from the most casual to the most chic. It’s a matter of choosing the one that best suits your needs for the party.

If you want to save money and you know you are going to organize a Halloween party next year, be sure that there will be great discounts on Halloween items by November.

Decorate the terrace, balcony or porch

If you are fortunate to have one of the above, it is better to include Halloween decoration outside. The decor can be done easily: orange lights or lanterns pumpkins, real or fake pumpkins on the ground, and fake bats can give a funny touch. You can also place fake ghosts or spiders.

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