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Welcome to, a blog you were waiting for. In this site you will find information about home remodeling, indoor and outdoor decorations and recreational activities you can enjoy with your family, relatives and friends.

Our mission is to change the idea some people had that having a beautiful house or an enjoyable time together equals to large amounts of money. It is not that so. With a little inventiveness you can make your house look fantastic and spectacular, and even be the envy of your neighborhood as well. Why not? This is all about originality and the will of doing something new and creative.

But, of course, safety is one of the issues we care most, and that’s why we also post some guidelines and advice for outdoor recreation time. Be sure you and your family will enjoy a hobby outdoors with no regrets.

Your feedback is very important to us. It helps us grow as a team and makes us improve our content, so we can assure you will find in the next lines tips you can rely on. Contact us if you think one or some posts are not fulfilling this purpose. Thank you very much!