Cheap Backpacking Tips

If you are looking for the budget trip then you can always plan a backpacking trip that would save your money. The articles discuss few tips for the budget backpacking. Go through it if you are planning such backpacking stove

Light weight

Always travel light. You would not have to pay extra for the air fare if you have more luggage on board. Keep less and comfortable clothes. You can keep couple of jeans and t shirts for your trip. If you are backpacking for an adventure trip then keep best ultralight backpacking stoves review for the money, tent, boots and rain jacket. Entire range is available in light gear.


Carry no valuables

Keep only the basic stuff for the backpacking trip. Do not carry any valuable items unnecessarily. Carry only clothes and essentials. Do not keep expensive jewelry on such trips. In case you lose your bag, you can replace the clothes. If you lose any of the valuable items then you would be ruining your trip and making trips to the local police station.

Be aware of the pickpockets

Take precautions with the money you carry. Keep it in your inner pockets. There are pickpockets who can easily make out that you are not a local. They can distract and steel your wallet. Keep very less money in the wallet. Keep an eye while you roam alone in the other countries as tourist.

aware pickpockets

Stay in touch with family or friend

It is best to keep someone informed about your trip. You should stay in touch with any of your family member or your friend. Inform them about your venue and the duration of stay. If some emergency happens they would know about the whereabouts. They would be in position of contacting the local authorities.

Book the budget hostels

All the major cities and the metropolitan cities have youth hostels. You can share the room with other travelers. It comes out to be cheap on your pocket. You can eat the local food. You can also have the stay at the hostel with combined kitchen and cook your meals by yourself.

choose budget hostels

Travel by local transport

In most of the countries you can travel locally through local transport.  All the metro cities are well connected with the local transport on the tourist spots. The tourist destinations can be enjoyable by travelling through local transportation. It saves money as well you see the life of the locals closely.

Walk as much as possible

It is very easy to call taxi and reach your destinations. Try to walk as much as possible. You would explore the place yourself. This will save your money on taxis and their extra charges. You can hop in the metro or the bus if the distance is too long. They are well connected in the city and the fare is relatively very less.

Carry your snacks

granola bar energy barGrab the granola bar or energy bar for snacking. This saves the snacks cost. Having snacks at the eating joint costs same as any meal. You would stay energetic with the bars in hand. You can save the money for other things.

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